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Create great linkable content and focus more on link building, then use our free backlink checker to detect changes in your top serp. Enter your competitors' website URLs into the free backlink checker to optimize your competitor's backlink analysis and see where they're getting the strongest backlinks from, then plan your link building business accordingly. Find your competitors' most valuable backlinks and review their backlink profile to identify patterns and possible link opportunities. Whenever you perform a sidelink or backlink audit, you should also check incoming links pointing to top position pages so you don't miss out on important link building opportunities.

With this link analysis tool from SEMrush, you can see the most popular backlinks to a specific domain. Link Diagnostics typically doesn't show all links to sites with low backlink counts, sites, or sites with high backlink counts (25+). Link Diagnostics is great for showing your backlink profile. What impressed me in the tests I did was that on sites with more backlinks, Bing showed fewer backlinks than Link Diagnostics.

If you're looking for a way to check backlinks for free, there are tools to help you do just that. Tracking backlinks to your site or your competitors' sites can be time consuming as it will take some time to check the lists of domains and URLs. To rank as high as possible, you need to take advantage of the free backlink checker to track both the quantity and quality of your links.

Instead, you need to use tools like backlink checker to identify and create high-quality content that sites will want to link to. Try to stay away from any links from spam sites and check your backlink profile regularly with tools like the free RankWatch backlink checker. After using our link checker tool to identify bad backlinks, there are a few things you can do to make sure those low quality links don't mess up your backlink report or hurt your website's keyword rankings. Since ranking at the top of search results is the goal of most commercial website owners, Majestic's backlink checker will help you understand how the major search engines might see your site's reputation.

Because you can track which pages are getting positive backlinks, you'll also get a better idea of ​​what content resonates with your audience the most. If you want to improve your Google Analytics search KPIs, backlink tools should be part of your regular site-level link tracking. The backlink checker automates the process of finding the main backlinks of competing websites, allows you to monitor websites to be notified of new backlinks and additional features; for example, look at what percentage of those links are dofollow links. While you can do this manually by visiting all the backlinks you've ever created and checking their source, it's not practical as the process can take a long time.
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