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Code-to-Text Ratio Checker Tool Analyzes and displays exact text in the web page and compares it to HTML code in this webpage. This tool is used for checking code to text ratio, which is nothing more than percentage of the actual text on a webpage as compared with the percentage of the HTML codes. To use Code To Text Ratio Checker, just enter any webpage URL in the provided box and hit Check button.

Using this tool is very easy, simply enter your web pages URL and press submit blue button, within a few seconds, our tool will be processed and it will return to you with ratio results. It is simple, straight forward tool which is capable to accurately scan your webpage and calculate the precise ratio of your code vs. text.

An easy way to see if your code is too small is by using our Text-to-Code Ratio Tool; it will tell you how your site ranks in terms of readability when compared with other sites. Text-to-code ratio is now used by many search engines in their algorithms, so site owners should check it.

Apart from text to code ratio, site owners need to ensure the content of their pages is relevant to the pages title, as search engines rank pages according to the copy that is present. The Indexing Ratio of the websites pages must be high: A website that has a lower HTML to code ratio, but a higher Visual Text Ratio, may be helping search engines to index their pages.

If you are targeting primarily mobile users, who do not have high-speed Internet connections, then reducing the page text-to-code ratio makes sense. Keep in mind that having high text-to-code ratio may help to get higher rankings on the search results, as well as beating out competitors. If your website has a higher proportion of code to text, then it has the potential for being better placed by the web crawlers.

If you are placing large numbers of images on your web pages, or have too many links coming from the text, this would be a sign that your webpage is unbalanced. More often, if your webpage has too much text compared to the code or commands pointing at various pieces of content, like headings, then you are breaking the guidelines from the search engines. Using more code in your web pages makes the site load slower, so this is directly related to SEO.

For a proper optimization of the page on SEO, we must use text-to-html code analyzer for checking the ratio of codes, then optimise the codes or the content for creating higher ratio. We structure the web page as a web page using HTML, then make it colourful using CSS, then also think about placing some effects using jQuery, sometimes we need to validate the users input using JavaScript, etc. So, all of our code is embedded in order to keep our web pages form and function.