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Domain Age Checker is an online tool that helps you determine the exact age of a domain or website from when it was registered to when it was activated. In simple terms, this means that you can use a domain age checker to find out how long a domain name or website has been up and running. You can use the free domain age checker to find out the approximate age of a website. Also lets you see the original look of your website.

These tools not only tell you the age of the domain name, but also a couple of other pieces of information that might be helpful. With our domain generator you can generate a domain name and check if it can be registered. Enter the domain name you want to manage and check the age, registration date, expiration date or any other information.

Press the Enter key and it will give you a list of sites to check the age of the website or the authority of the domain. Let's say you want to guest post on a website, then linking back to definitely outdated domains will give you more rankings than your newly registered domain. Leave the old keywords unchanged, for example, if a domain was indexed with the keyword "SEO Score Check" and you change the domain's keyword to Domain Authority Check, the ranking will start from scratch. If a domain ranks higher in search engines, it will save a lot of time, money and effort, which in other words will be spent on ranking a new existing domain.

Only when a domain becomes active on the Internet does Google and other search engines notice it and index it. Every website must be out of date and prove its worth and relevance to Google or other search engines before Google indexes and ranks it. Search engines not without reason evaluate old domains and domain age issues for ranking because new websites only get new visitors while old websites keep getting existing and returning visitors. Google has officially announced that legacy domains rank higher in search engines because they are less likely to shut down.

One of the main reasons legacy domain names perform better is because they do have quality backlinks. Different website owners have different domain needs; therefore, there may be several likely reasons for using a website's age control. Domain Age Checker AgeUncle allows you to quickly find out the age of any site or domain, including your main competitors. Unlike other website age finders, RankWatch's website age checker provides its users with information about when a domain was first created and when it was last updated, as well as the domain's expiration date.

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