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omain to IP Converter - Free Tools to Convert Domain to IP Convert your website address to an IP address. Our domain to IP conversion tool informs you about the IP address of the domain, the country in which the server is located, and the exact details of the ISP. With RankWatch's domain to IP conversion tool, you don't have to worry about lengthy processes. When looking up the IP address of a website or domain, you can use this tool to get the IP address of the domain you choose.

The tool can be used to look up the IP address of a host computer (host to IP address translation) or domain name (domain name to IP address translation), or to look up the name of one of the hosts by IP address (IP address translation). When looking for the IP address of any website or domain, you can use this tool to find the IP address of the desired domain. With our tool to find out the IP address of a domain, in addition to showing the IP address, it tells you what country the IP address is located in and the name of the web host hosting the domain you are looking for.

This process is also known as DNS lookup, NSLOOKUP, or (erroneously) IP lookup. The process of looking up a hostname (or domain name) from an IP address involves sending a message to the IP address and asking the computer for its location. IP address to return its name. Converting a hostname to an IP address or vice versa IP address of a hostname The process of looking up an IP address is done by looking up DNS (domain name servers) until a match is found with a domain name.

An IP address is the numerical equivalent of a domain name, translated by a computer to locate resources related to a domain name on the Internet. As you learn more about IP addresses and how to convert domains to IP addresses, you'll come across two popular forms of IP addresses: static IP and dynamic IP.

Domain Name to IP Converter - This online tool is used to convert domain names to their corresponding IP addresses. Domain Name: Just open our Domain Name to IP Converter, enter the domain name of your desired IP address and click the Convert Domain Name to IP button.

This converter, in addition to providing complete information from URL to IP address, is free. This free online URL to IP converter will process your request and provide you with a report in seconds.

This free benefit does not apply to our domain to IP converter; There are many other free RankWatch tools that can come in handy when you run into problems with your domain, content, or website management. There are various additional free tools available on the Internet that can come in handy if you are having problems managing your domain, content, or website. Browser Developer Tools. Finally, you can also use your browser's development tools such as Google Chromes DevTools to find the IP address of a particular domain.