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The Keyword Density Checker can be used to count the number of words in a text, including a list of words that should not be counted. The Keyword Density Tool helps you measure the number of occurrences of a keyword or phrase as a percentage of the total number of words on a web page. It can be used in the search engine optimization process to determine the relevance of a web page to a keyword or key phrase. It's important to understand how keyword density works, as keyword density can have a direct impact on the visibility of your site's content on search engine result pages (SERPs) and the costs of your online marketing campaigns.

Keyword density is a percentage calculated based on the number of times a keyword appears in the content of a web page divided by the total number of words. To determine the keyword density on a web page, simply divide the number of mentions of a given keyword by the total number of words on the page: the resulting value is the keyword density on that page. The keyword density value is calculated using the following formula (NKr / Tkn) x100, where Nkr is the number of uses of the keyword and Tkn is the total number of words in your article or text.

Our Keyword Density Tool also displays the page title, meta information, total images, image alt tags, total links (internal and external), nofollow links, links with a title attribute, total internal links, total external links, links with img tags. as anchors, links with text/context anchors and summary words. When you enter a URL or copy and paste content into a text input field, this tool retrieves the total number of keywords found in the body of the web page.

Content authors and webmasters should check keyword density in their articles before or after publication; Therefore, Prepostseo has added both options to calculate density using a web page URL or by copying and pasting text into an input field. We provide 100% free services and there is no limit to keyword density pre-check. The modern approach to keyword analysis goes far beyond simply counting the frequency of words. Instead, we need to look at what Google is ranking, what kind of content Google needs, and how we can create something even bigger. The primary use of these types of analytics tools currently is not to increase keyword density, but rather to de-emphasize core terms by including alternative word forms, acronyms, synonyms, and other supporting vocabulary.

Using keyword density is a rather outdated approach to optimizing your content for SEO - most of the time you'll want to write your copy for people and not get hung up on the exact frequency of your keywords. As with almost everything in the SEO world, it's important to use hard data, not guesswork, when making keyword targeting decisions, including density. You can use the Georankers Density Analyzer for all your daily content needs and improve your chances of ranking for specific phrases.

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