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RGB to Hex

Enter red, green and blue color levels (0-255) and press the Convert button:

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About RGB to Hex

After clicking Convert RGB to Hex, results are loaded in an output box labelled Hex Color Value. To convert the RGB color code into the hex color code, each of the values must be converted separately.

RGB color code values are based on the numbered system that we are most familiar with, which is a decimal based system. When colors are represented using hexadecimal numbers, each color is assigned a six-digit number, base 16.

To convert the triple RGB values into single hex values, all the base-10 numbers need to be converted into base-16 numbers, and the values obtained are combined together to give the hex values. In the example above, we created a function and passed an RGB value as the argument within it, and converted the RGB into Hex using the String Conversion. The converter above takes values Red, Green, and Blue as a shape, and then it converts Red values to hexadecimal strings which you can use for color specification in your HTML/CSS code. An interesting RGB-to-hex color converter, which finds a hexadecimal equivalent to the given colour combinations of the values Red, green and blue.

Hexa to RGBA is a free, easy-to-use color converter, which converts colors from hexadecimal to RGB, and back again. This online rgb to hexagonal converter tool helps convert an RGB (base 10) color into Hexadecimal color (base 16) and check the resultant colors on a website. This article is mostly about the conversion of Hex color codes, but we are going to also look at the opposite side of the coin, namely, converting Hex color codes into RGB colors using Python. It is not JUST a converter, but this tool provides users with both the HEX color codes and the RGB codes, making it more engaging and useful for users.

In RGB Converter app, there is a box which shows a preview of color, thus users can view color and they can modify their RGB color ranges to achieve the desired Hex colors. This HTML RGB Converter also helps to calculate dynamically the color code values easily. A slider control is offered for changing alpha or opacity (clearness) of colors created from the RGB values. Towards the end of the colors sliding scale, you can begin adding red RGB values again, creating colors like purple and pink.

Red is the first color that is encountered in The sliding scale, and it has the value of rgb(255, 0, 0) or #FF0000. Once you get to magenta, with a value of rgb (255, 0, 255) or #FF00FF, blue values are lowered after that, until eventually reaching your starting red color. Hexadecimal color values are usually composed of three numbers, which correspond to the corresponding luminosities of the three main colors, red, green, and blue, on a scale of 0-255. This general-purpose color converter is also really helpful for learning more about colors and color models, as you can compare how a particular color is composed by various color models.


Converting RGB (Red, Green, Blue) values to a Hexadecimal color code involves converting the decimal values of the individual R, G, and B components to their Hexadecimal equivalent and then concatenating them together.

Here is a simple formula to convert RGB to Hex:

  1. Convert each decimal component (R, G, and B) to Hexadecimal using a conversion tool or chart.

  2. Concatenate the three Hexadecimal values of R, G, and B together in the order RRGGBB.

For example, if you have RGB values of (255, 165, 0), the Hexadecimal color code would be #FFA500.

Here's the breakdown of the conversion:

  • The decimal value of 255 in Hexadecimal is FF.
  • The decimal value of 165 in Hexadecimal is A5.
  • The decimal value of 0 in Hexadecimal is 00.

So, when we concatenate these values together in the order RRGGBB, we get #FFA500 as the Hexadecimal color code.