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Now, Create 'robots.txt' file at your root directory. Copy above text and paste into the text file.


The Robots txt generator helps you create a text file that tells search engine robots which pages of your site to crawl and which to ignore. robots.txt is a very simple file, a file with simple text design, it tells google to crawl your website or content in google search engine, it is very important for website seo, this robots.txt file will help you 's website ranks in google.

By using a free robots.txt generator, you'll get a file that helps search engines better crawl your site. The Robots.txt generator tool will help you create an efficient robots.txt file that helps Google and other search engines properly crawl and index your site.

Using the Dupli Checker Robots.txt generator tool, site owners can notify any robot of which files or entries in your site's root index will be crawled by Google robots. You can also inform which bot should access files in the site's home directory, and which bot should access new files. By default, all bots have access to files on your site, and you can choose which bots you want to allow or deny access to.

You can easily add enable/disable directives without worrying about syntax, set up different directives for different website crawlers and user agents, easily manage updates, and upload your bot's text file via FTP directly from the robots.txt generator. WebSite Auditor allows you to create text files for your bots and manage updates with a few clicks directly from WebSite Auditor. To try out the robots.txt file generator in, simply launch the tool, paste your website URL to create a project, and go to Pages > Website Tools.

Free SEO Tools Generator is a quick and easy solution to create a robots.txt file for your website. The reason is that there are many pages on the WordPress website that do not require indexing, even a WP robots text file can be created with our tools. The reason is that it contains many pages that don't need to be indexed, you can even generate a WP robots text file using our tools. Since each bot has a website crawl cost, this also means it needs the best robot file for a WordPress website.

You can use it to prevent search engines from crawling certain parts of your website and provide search engines with helpful tips on how best to crawl your website. opportunities for search robots not to index all pages of your site. The robots.txt file is also used by other types of website crawlers such as social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and SEO sites as online keyword research tools. By default, the WordPress Virtual Robots.txt plugin blocks certain parts of your WordPress website and allows access to parts of WordPress that good robots should have access to.

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