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Our tools help out to findout Internal and external website links of any website.  to GET WEBPAGE LINKS our WEBSITE LINKS COUNT CHECKER is the best. The site link count checking tool is very useful for improving SEO traffic organically, and the primary purpose of this tool is to scan for all internal and external links of any given page and show them to visitors. If you wish to determine the number of links appearing on a particular page, simply use website links count checker to find out every single link that has either do-follow or nofollow message. It is recommended to use this free online tool as a starting point for eliminating pages which can potentially harm the reputation of your site should you plan on exchanging links.

This Link Count Checker tool can be used for various reasons, including checking to see that external links are directed to pages on your site, and are live. Using Usotools Site Links Count Checker is easy, you simply have to enter your website, and our tool will scan through your site to find the total amount of links, including both internal and external links. The Link Count Checker provides total numbers of inbound and outbound links for the site that may help the online marketers in analysing link worthiness of a website.

If you have ever wondered how to check internal links or maybe outbound links of a site, then you can use a free online site link checking tool. When going through the overall report on links produced by Website Link Counter, you will notice additional information has been provided in the category of external links as well as internal links.

In fact, the Link Counter will let you know how many of each link type are placed on your site. All you have to do is type the URL of your site and hit the "Check Website" button to find out how many links are present on your website.

It is very easy to use, just type the URL of your site and you will see results within seconds. When you type the URL of a website, it will begin analyzing and finding links that are present in every specific page and give results within a short period of time. It will say, how many external links are present on the specific page and whether it is impacting on the website quality.

Webmasters use this tool for checking outbound links in a specific webpage on a website in order to improve the website quality. The tool also helps in determining the amount of external links which can impact on the quality of the website as some pages might have too many links for viewing instead of content which users are looking for. Use an internal link analyzer tool to analyze links the search engine spiders may find on a particular page on your website. You could just as easily refer to RankWatchs link checker tool as an internal link checker or external link checker, as the site link scanner performs a thorough link analysis of both types of links.