Top 10 SEO-friendly WordPress themes for bloggers

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Top 10 SEO-friendly WordPress themes for bloggers

08/30/2023 12:00 AM by SEO_Master in Top 10

Top 10 popular and SEO-friendly WordPress themes that were well-regarded by bloggers for optimizing their websites for search engines.

  1. Schema: Known for its fast loading times and clean code, Schema is designed to help with better search engine rankings.

  2. Astra: Astra is a lightweight and customizable theme that is optimized for speed and SEO. It's known for its flexibility and compatibility with popular page builders.

  3. GeneratePress: Similar to Astra, GeneratePress is a lightweight and responsive theme that is focused on speed and SEO optimization.

  4. Divi: Divi offers a visual builder and a wide range of design options. It's also built with SEO best practices in mind.

  5. Newspaper: As the name suggests, Newspaper is often chosen by news and magazine-style bloggers due to its SEO features and flexibility.

  6. OceanWP: OceanWP is a multipurpose theme that is lightweight and SEO-friendly. It offers many customization options and is compatible with popular page builders.

  7. SEO WP: This theme is explicitly built with SEO in mind, from its clean code to its integrated social media sharing options.

  8. Soledad: Soledad is a highly customizable theme that is favored by bloggers for its SEO optimization and numerous layout options.

  9. MagXP: Another theme focused on magazines and news sites, MagXP offers a responsive design and is optimized for search engines.

  10. Hestia: Hestia is a modern theme suitable for bloggers and businesses. It integrates with popular page builders and follows SEO best practices.


  1. Schema: Pros:

    • Fast loading times.

    • Clean code for SEO optimization.

    • Rich snippets support for enhanced search results.

    • Good for content-focused websites.


    • Limited design customization compared to some other themes.

    • May require some technical knowledge to fully utilize its features.

  2. Astra: Pros:

    • Lightweight and optimized for speed.

    • Highly customizable design.

    • Integrates well with popular page builders.

    • Good for beginners and advanced users.


    • Some advanced features may require a premium version.

    • Design flexibility can be overwhelming for newcomers.

  3. GeneratePress: Pros:

    • Lightweight and fast-loading.

    • Simple and clean design.

    • Works well with page builders.

    • Focus on SEO optimization.


    • Limited design options without customization.

    • Some advanced features are available in the premium version.

  4. Divi: Pros:

    • Visual builder for easy customization.

    • Wide range of design options and layouts.

    • Good for non-coders and designers.


    • Can be resource-intensive and affect page speed.

    • Might have a learning curve for beginners.

    • Divi-specific content might not transfer well to other themes.

  5. Newspaper: Pros:

    • Specifically designed for news and magazine-style sites.

    • Plenty of layout and design options.

    • SEO optimization for content-heavy websites.


    • Some users find it complex due to the sheer number of options.

    • Heavy customization can impact site speed.

  6. OceanWP: Pros:

    • Lightweight and fast performance.

    • Highly customizable design.

    • Works well with WooCommerce for online stores.


    • Some advanced features are only available in the premium version.

    • Can be overwhelming for beginners due to customization options.

  7. SEO WP: Pros:

    • Specifically designed with SEO in mind.

    • Clean and optimized code.

    • Integrated social media sharing options.


    • Might lack the design flexibility of some other themes.

    • Limited layout options for varied websites.

  8. Soledad: Pros:

    • Highly customizable design with numerous layouts.

    • Suitable for various blog styles and content types.

    • SEO optimization features.


    • Customization options might be overwhelming for beginners.

    • Some users report a learning curve for getting the most out of the theme.

  9. MagXP: Pros:

    • Designed for magazine-style websites.

    • Responsive and SEO-friendly.

    • Layout options for different content types.


    • Might not be as versatile for non-magazine blogs.

    • Learning curve due to multiple customization options.

  10. Hestia: Pros:

    • Modern design suitable for blogs and businesses.

    • Integration with popular page builders.

    • Clean code for better SEO.


    • Limited design customization compared to more versatile themes.

    • Advanced features might require upgrading to the premium version.

Remember that the SEO-friendliness of a theme is only one aspect of optimizing your website for search engines. Factors such as quality content, proper keyword usage, mobile responsiveness, site speed, and backlinks also play a significant role in SEO success. Additionally, theme developers often update their products, so always check for the latest features and compatibility with the latest WordPress version

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