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Another great online broken link checker that crawls your website and gives you detailed information about dead links. If your website is not very large, you can use a free online broken link checker to find broken links. Webmasters can use free tools to find broken links on small sites, but may not find all the problems these links have, such as huge load times. I hope the tools above will help you find broken links on your site so you can take the necessary steps to fix them.

Internet Marketing Ninjas is a free link checking tool that helps you check for broken links, image files, internal and external links, and emails detailed reports. Broken Link Checker can also analyze the presence of external links; so if your website has an external link with a 404 error, you can see it in the report and fix it quickly. Ahrefs Link Checker is a great tool to get information about broken backlinks on the web in one place. This is useful if you know that a link has been incorrectly defined as down due to a network failure or error.

You can then see the post or page the link is on on your WordPress site, while external links don't work. Links will still be checked normally and will get the normal link style (eg flagged links will still be checked periodically, but the broken link checker will not consider it broken until it receives a new result. You can monitor progress and pass Check the options in Settings -> Check Links to change various links.

The duration of the check depends on the size of your site and the number of links. Broken Link Checker is an efficient Chrome extension that can quickly crawl your web page or entire website with lots of links available. DeadLinkChecker is an online tool that allows you to check an entire website or a single page. SortSite is a great crawling tool that helps you crawl all pages with one click and inspect the entire site, as well as find broken links in HTML/CSS, Flash files, etc.

Sitechecker Website Scanner is a free online website checking tool that checks web pages for broken links, authorizes, detects and considers broken hyperlinks (if any). It's critical to always use broken link checking to spot issues that can drastically reduce sales, traffic, and potentially lead to poor search engine rankings. By sending someone to a broken link instead of what you promised them, you are creating frustration for your visitors, which in itself is a good incentive to find and fix broken links on your WordPress site. This is useful if you want to identify links as broken/redirects and keep them as they are.

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