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Open the page or domain whose authority you want to check, copy and paste it into our Domain Authority Checker tool. First use a domain authority checker tool to find out what your domain authority is and then if you have a website you would like to rank high on search engines.

A high domain authority score means that your entire website/all pages within your domain can rank high in search results. If your site has a high Domain Authority Rank or one of your web pages has a high Page Authority Rank, this also results in a higher site and page rank. Pages published on a high-quality domain receive an immediate ranking boost.

While the domain authority score tells you how well your website can rank overall, the PA score examines the potential ranking of an individual page of your site. Both Domain Authority and Page Authority are similar, their purpose and effect are the same; however, a site's DA represents the score of the entire website, and the site's PA represents the score of a given page. Domain and page authority shows a website's effort or off-page SEO progress, SEO strategy, social signals, and SERP ranking potential.

DA Checker PA helps users analyze a website's DA score, spam score, backlink profile, and authority. SEO Spyder is a great tool that you can use to check your websites DA score and many other SEO related things. Checking indexed Google pages. Along with ratings from pa and spam, Google Indexed Page Checker allows you to check the pages indexed by Google for each domain.

If the Moz Page Authority Check shows less than you expected, our site includes all the essential tools you need to improve your SEO. If you need more information on domain authority or SEO in general, try our SEO strategy guide to greatly scale your website, use the social media content calendar template to plan your social media strategy, or even write perfect from anywhere Youtube description. From our many resources in ClickMinded's library of digital marketing templates.

Checking page authority with a good AP checker or page authority tool will show you how much effort you need to spend on SEO. Here you can use Bulk Domain Authority Check. Moz's fastest and most accurate domain and page authority checker. In the Moz ecosystem, you can check domain authority using Link Explorer, MozBar, Moz's free SEO toolbar, or the SERP analysis section of Keyword Explorer.

A website's DA authority is the most important thing everyone should focus on, as when ranking any article or blog on Google SEO, Spyder first checks the PA of that article or blog and then checks the website's DA score to confirm if the site trustworthy to appear on the front pages of Google. With good website resolutions, you should consider that the higher the authority of the website, the higher the ability of a particular page to rank in Google results.

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